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tv   ABC7 News at Noon  ABC  September 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> now, abc 7 news at noon -- on your side. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] good afternoon. i am melanie hastings. thank you for joining us today. chief meteorologist doug hill is here with the forecast. looking good out of there. we are enjoying nice weather. we have not had much rain since , and not day of august
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rain in our immediate future. our seven day forecast shows more days like this. withmorning, we started the feeling of fall in the air. the 95e milder close to corridor. 60 degrees at reagan national airport. ativan noon hour, still upper 60's in cumberland. 70's elsewhere. what we will find through the afternoon is temperatures picking up somewhere around 84 for the high. that's a few degrees above average. it will feel comfortable because of the dryness in the air. we will wake up tomorrow morning with clear skies and temperatures in the 50's. forecast for tonight. 52 in the city. 60's elsewhere -- 62 in the city. 50's elsewhere. melanie: thanks so much.
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and historic pilgrimage is happening today. sam sweeney is in york, pennsylvania, where 100 women are marching 100 miles for the pope's historic visit. we will get more on that in just a bit. we will have more news
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melanie: welcome back. we have a few issues on the roads. jamie sullivan is here. in thea disabled truck clearing stages but currently on that the freeway. this will affect you in the d.c. area, trying to get closer to
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295. the right lane and the bridge are blocked. we see everyone backed up. a lot of people are getting over to look at the activity. again, in the clearing stages, and will hopefully be out of there soon. let's talk about the beltway. not too much of an issue through prince george's county inner moving well.r loop no delays getting to the wilson bridge. pre-quiet so far. 60 -- pretty quiet so far. 66, your commute is in the 20's. getting through falls church is a little rougher leaving the city. usually causes a backup on 66 leaving the city. so far, so good on the tollroad's. not too much to worry about so far.
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to get a little closer to reagan heading in on the gw parkway. you can see that we are in the green getting closer. a little volume heading northbound. let's focus in on 95. your commute right now, not too bad. issuen mind, we have one with a crash. on dale boulevard near benita fitzgerald drive. follow police directions. melanie: some lucky students will get a visit with the pope next week, and they just found out this morning. we have more on the big surprise. >> next week, our holy father is coming to offer mass in washington. for three students, it's a surprise they will never forget. such a great experience
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to be able to see the successor of peter face to face. >> good job. >> bartholomew smith, the pastor here, walked into the class with a ticket for her to next week's mass. >> i go to confession every month. i speak spanish fluently. >> this second-grader, fourth-grader -- and fourth-grader were also selected from hundreds of essays. look at his expression. >> he has been talking about a priest since kindergarten. this is a really big moment for him. >> i really want to see pope francis. he is the leader of the catholic church. >> it is really an honor to welcome holy father to our city and our country. to the unitedeen states before. >> there is actually a fourth
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ticket, one more to give away, one more big surprise. would you think if we send mr. lee to be the teacher to represent you? >> eric lee was also thrilled. go and seeilled to the gospel in action and be part of that. an historic pilgrimage happening today. sam sweeney is in pennsylvania, where 100 women are marching 100 miles for the pope's historic visit. sam: these women shows to leave from a york county correctional facility because so many women have been incarcerated here and across the country. they are hoping this march will help with that. their energy is palpable. >>[speaking spanish]
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sam: 100 women walking 100 miles for one purpose. >> for immigration reform. sylvia rosales traveled from seattle. >> it is very important for me that we come together. they want to bring attention to immigration issues, primarily women and children being jailed in the united states. they will block 10-15 miles a day. with each mile, they -- they will walk 10-15 miles a day. hope to getle, they closer to reaching pope francis. >> he speaks about immigrants in various countries. i am in total solidarity with that. : while many of these women say 100 miles is a long trip, they say it is nothing compared to what their brothers and sisters have done through the
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deserts of arizona and texas to seek freedom. reporting in york, pennsylvania, sam sweeney, abc 7 news. melanie: the pope's visit is now just one week away and abc 7 is getting you ready. don't miss our special, "the people's pope in d.c." .t airs tomorrow at 7:00 arrested a 15 euro boy. they say the teenagers plan included firearms end 6 -- teenager's plan included firearms and explosives to be used against the pope. >> we have disrupted one particular case. melanie: sources tell abc news that the threat was not imminent and the boys plans were at the
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"aspirational stage." isil ishey say that effectively using social media to inspire lone wolves, including children. a bus crash this morning. for students and the driver were injured. you can see the bus ending up on its side in a major intersection. it appears the bus came off the freeway. it is still unclear what caused the crash. police and prince george's county are investigating after a body was found near a bus stop this morning. acrosss right the street from the cambridge apartments. someone called to report a man lying on the ground. when police got there, they say the man was already dead. we are working to learn more about the man's identity and how he died. we will bring you updates as they come in on-air and online.
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montgomery county police are trying to figure out how a teenager ended up in front of a moving train. today, his school is remembering him, wearing blue. a was struck yesterday at train station. two other teenagers with him at the time were taken to the hospital, but they were not injured. it is still not clear why they were on the tracks. new at noon, four people are behind bars after shooting at a neighbor in anne arundel county. they are all facing assault and drug charges. police say a neighbor who lives across the creek at community beach saw the man firing a gun in the water. when he yelled at them to stop, the suspects fired at him. when police searched, they found multiple bb guns and 122 caliber assault rifle, as well as marijuana.
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for the man who shot a professor at the university of mississippi is over. 45-year-old shannon lamb shot and killed himself after a .olice chase over night he was wanted for killing his live-in girlfriend. charges for aing mid air scare on a flight from chicago to miami. >> what you mean? i have -- melanie: passengers say that a woman on the fight started kicking the seat of the passenger in front of her. he turned around to complain and she had him. kissed a flight attendant, and then punch the flight the
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the unruly passenger faces a long list of charges and a $25,000 fine. hungary is declaring a state of emergency after becoming the latest country to close its borders. this comes after a boat carrying migrants sank off the coast overnight. including children, died. more than 200 others were rescued. 2016 voting, republican candidates are getting ready to battle it out in their second debate. donald trump held a rally last night that brought out supporters and critics. thousands of anti-trump protesters marched through the streets over his immigration policies. donald trump: you have to build a wall, and a wall works. a new cbs-new york
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times poll has donald trump and dr. ben carson nearly no end in a. 27% for trump. -- nearlyand neck neck and neck. 27% for trump. 23% for carson. marcy gonzalez takes a look at a river rescue underway. >> two vehicles filled with mothers and their children, 16 people in all were stopped on a wall of wateren a hit them from behind. >> it push them into the channel. severalcles were rolled hundred yards downstream. >> 13 are either dead or missing. the youngest child reportedly just four years old.
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-- furthernit town disaster narrowly averted as rescuers pull a group of women from a stranded vehicle, fearing they too will be washed away. the red river taking anything and nearly everything in its path. from flooding to wildfires, still raging in california, and they have destroyed nearly 600 homes now and are threatening thousands more. the valley fire, only 10% contained, is tearing across more than 6000 acres. a 72-year-old woman died when she was unable to escape her home in middletown. have been000 people displaced. around here, we are enjoying perfect weather. yesterday, we had a brush
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fire in prince george's county. the longer we go with no rain in sight, i am afraid brushfires are going to become more and more of an issue. don't be surprised if we get a red flag warning. melanie: it is wildfire season. doug: this from frederick, gorgeous,absolutely 81 degrees, barely a breeze out of the west. what there is is two miles an hour. over the next few days, we will occasionally see a few clouds, but that will be the only feature to keep an eye on. temperatures across the area are plenty warm. 79 at reagan airport. 75 in annapolis. 79 in woodbridge. it will be comfortable all around the area through the evening hours. dew point is a critical measurement we used to determine
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relative humidity. in the summertime, when the dew point is in the 70's, it is really humid. but this time of year, we still get warm temperatures, like today, but we get very dry air th low dew points, and that's a comfortable combination. up in time.o warm we will see humidity by the end of the week. the sun goes down tonight at 7:17 p.m. by that point, temperature should be in the middle to upper 70's. across the atlantic, everyone enjoying comfortable conditions. fairly uniform numbers, all in the low 70's. the high pressured center is shifting, keeping the drier air on the backside. to thefront will ride rescue, bringing clouds and showers, may be a thunderstorm. it looks like we may get a cold
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front saturday or sunday, but it will not bring rain, just slightly cooler temperatures. the plan is to warm up over the next few days and then get cooler for the weekend. we are watching showers way out west, but nothing is in place to affect the entire situation. humidity levels are up just a touch. there you see how the numbers work out. they spike up a little more over the next few days, but then the through.front comes we will have dry conditions around the area. melanie: at least we don't have any 50's in the overnight areas. -- overnight hours. a special day for fathers and other men in the see -- in the district. fathershered for a 100 march. event organizers say many students have not experienced
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positive male interaction outside of their teachers. to have thecited fathers and the business partners we have today. event, thering the fathers and male figures now to make a commitment to their families and the community. the million father march is a --ionwide community nationwide movement. coming up, voice your concerns
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melanie: a health matters alert now. "the washington post" is reporting that a salmonella outbreak could be tied to the restaurant fig and olive. six people have salmonella. investigators collected food and environmental samples from the restaurant. so far, all have turned up negative. fig and olive is closed today. no word on when it is set to reopen. begin aal is set to major construction project worth $22.8 million. the work, which is already a year behind schedule, is set to start next week. it is the third phase of a multi-year campus modernization program. critics continue to fight those are posed changes at laurel regional hospital. the hospital owner plans to change it into an out care --
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outpatient care center. a forum is scheduled for tomorrow night. today. but sunshine taking a live look over the city right now, a beautiful looking
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melanie: can't wait to get out
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and enjoy this beautiful afternn. doug: it is gorgeous. let's take a look at the conditions we expect around here for today, tomorrow, and thursday. mostly sunny skies each afternoon. 84 today. 86 wednesday and thursday. by friday and saturday, humidity levels are on the climb. temperatures are briefly in the upper 80's. it will definitely feel like late summer by friday and saturday. on sunday and monday, a cold front comes through. no rain, just a few clouds. slightly warmer temperatures. don't forget, the thunderbirds will be at the air force base for a show. the weather will be picture-perfect. perfect for looking up. thank you for joining us on this midday. whatever you are doing this afternoon, hope you have a great time and be sure to watch abc seven news at
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>> hi, i'm chris harrison, your host of t all-new "who wants to be a millionaire." this season, we're changnging things up-- no more easy answers, no more shortcuts, just a single player answering the question, "who wants to be a millionaire?" [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ thank you. welcome to the show. everybody ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] having hosted over 2,000 trivia nights in new york city over the last ten years, today's first contestant is appropriately called "the king of trivia." we'll find out. from astoria, new york, please welcome tony hightower. [cheers and applause] what's up, tony? pleasure to meet you, pleasure. >> this is great. [sighs]


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